Project summary suggestions

You may follow this outline, if helpful, when making your Science Fair project display:

  1. Plan a catchy title – and include your name somewhere on the display.
  2. Think about “What question did I want to answer?” You can list this as your “Problem” or “Question.”
  3. If you made a prediction about what would happen, you can list this as your “Hypothesis.”
  4. Next, think about “What materials did I use in my experiment?” You can list this as “Materials.”
  5. Now, think about “What did I do to answer my question?” That is, “What did I change?” and “What did I keep the same?” and then “What changed as a result of what I did?” This information can be listed as your “Procedure” or “Experiment.”  You can also include photos or sketches if it helps explain what you did.
  6. Next, think about “What is the answer to my question?” The answers will be your “Results” and your “Conclusion” sections. Charts and graphs can be a useful way to show your results.

Click here for some details and pictures describing how to set up a display board.