After School Enrichment

The Fiske PTO is hoping to be able to offer after-school enrichment classes in the future. 

The team needs additional volunteers to plan for the session.  Please contact to learn more.

As a sample, the classes offered in last school year's Winter session are shown as a sample only.







MONDAYS (3:20 - 4:20pm)

Kids Cooking Green     Grades: 3 - 5 (16 student limit)

Dates:  8 Mondays 1/9 - 3/13 (no class 1/16, 2/20)            Cost:  $192

Kids Cooking Green is cooking again at Fiske!  Join us for fun in our classroom kitchen learning about local ingredients, knife skills, and cooking delicious snacks.  We'll get to meet a farmer and her chickens and then cook with eggs!  Recipes include the following:  Heart Shaped - Hand Stuffed Ravioli for Valentine's Day, Apple Pear and Cranberry Crisp, Vegetable Sushi for a Crowd - fun to make and delicious to eat.

Chess Wizards     Grades:  K - 4   (20 student limit) 

Dates: 8 Mondays 1/9 - 3/13 (no class 1/16, 2/20)              Cost: $96

Chess Wizards is a chess education company that provides fun, informative& challenging chess lessons to students.  CW teaches children many important life concepts, such as learning to win graciously and accepting defeat with dignity and sportsmanship.  Students will be divided into groups according to their chess experience. At the end of this session, each student will have the chance to participate in a mini-chess tournament. 

Singapore Math with the Lexington Singapore School                    Grades: K-2 (12 student limit)

Dates:  8 Mondays 1/9 - 3/13 (no class 1/16, 2/20)             Cost: $112

Want your young learner to develop an understanding and love for math?  This class takes a fun and practical approach to math based on the Singapore Mathematics Framework.  Classes focus on logic, early algebraic thinking and visualization.  It makes math intuitive and combines rigor, deep understanding with Fun!

Programming with Gameblox with Einstein’s Workshop     Grades: 3-5 (12 student limit)

Dates:  8 Mondays 1/9 - 3/13 (no class 1/16, 2/20)              Cost:  $148

Learn to program your own computer games with Gameblox, an innovative programming approach created at MIT.  Gameblox uses a similar format as Scratch, but focuses on commands more related to game design.   Students will be taught the ins and outs of game programming and get the chance to program their own games.

TUESDAYS (3:20 - 4:20 pm)

KIDSTOCK! PLAYERS: The Three Little Wolves & the Big Bad Pig Grades:  K - 2   (16 student limit)

Dates:  8 Tuesdays 1/10 - 3/14 (no class 2/21, 2/28)            Cost: $100

Join Kidstock! for an engaging theater class.  Kids will spend the first four weeks playfully dramatizing the stories of LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD and THE THREE LITTLE PIGS before working as a class to combine the two familiar stories into one new fractured fairy tale for presentation on the final class for parents and friends!

Intro to Electronics:  Fun with Snap Circuits with Einstein’s Workshop     Grades:  K-3 (12 student limit)

Dates:  8 Tuesdays 1/10 - 3/14 (no class 2/21, 2/28)          Cost:  $148

The experts at Einstein's Workshop will teach kids the basics of electronics and the principles of circuitry.  Snap Circuits make it fun and easy!  Kids will make motors spin, lights shine, and speakers blare by snapping together elements such as resistors, capacitors and logic gates. 

Become a Computer Power User with KTByte     Grades:  3-5   (12 student limit) 

Dates:  8 Tuesdays 1/10 - 3/14 (no class 2/21, 2/28)            Cost: $156

This course helps demystify words like "Bits, Bytes, Memory, CPU, HTML".  Students will spend 8 weeks learning operating system basics, how to use common programs (suchs as PowerPoint & Excel), as well as advanced applications like Photoshop.  Additionally, students will fundamental math and logic concepts that form a precursor to computer programming.  By the end, students will be power users of their computers!

 WEDNESDAYS (3:20 - 4:20 pm)

Colonial Crafts with the Lexington Historical Society    Grades:  K-3(10 student limit)

Dates:  8 Wednesdays 1/11 - 3/8   (no class 2/22)         Cost: $80

Come live like an early Lexington Colonist.  In this fun, activity based class we'll teach kids about life in early Lexington.  They'll hear about how colonists lived and create their own colonial crafts such as historic silhouettes, hand-made pots, and colonial fans.  It's a fun way for Lexington kids of today to learn more about the heritage of their town and its early residents.

Young Inventors Squad with Einstein's Workshop     Grades:  K-3   (12 student limit)

Dates: 8 Wednesdays 1/11 - 3/8   (no class 2/22)              Cost:  $148

This is your chance to turn everyday objects and recycled materials into cool gadgets!  Activities such as building balloon-powered cars and mini catapults will help kids develop a working knowledge of physics and engineering skills by making science toys and gadgets to take home.

KIDSTOCK! PLAYERS: Movie magic - The Secret Page Grades:  3-5   (16 student limit)

Dates: 8 Wednesdays 1/11 - 3/8   (no class 2/22)               Cost: $100

"Movie Magic"  brings the excitement of a stage performance to the silver Screen?  Students will develop their own vision for a film based on the title "THE SECRET PAGE" in which they star! Every week new scenes are captured with video then creatively edited into a final magical masterpiece that every student will receive to download to their home computer!

Please find the participation requirements for Enrichment classes.

  • Parents MUST complete a registration form for any child enrolled in a Fall class.  Those students who have secured a spot in the desired program will receive a confirmation email.

  • Parent MUST provide a written note to their child’s teacher giving student permission to participate in named program as this is a change to their dismissal listed with the school.

  • Students attending Lextended Day must also provide written notice to Lextended Day team, letting them know of their participation in the enrichment program.

  • Parent MUST notify both the school and Fiske Enrichment Team ( any time a student will miss a class. 

  • Children are to be picked up at their classroom by a parent or caregiver promptly at the end of class. Parents and caregivers should enter the school from the Colony Road entrance then check in at the Enrichment Desk. 

  • Parents/caregivers will be asked to SIGN OUT their child, so they must be there in person.   

  • No child will be released without an authorized adult present. (Lextended Day students will be returned to LD program by an enrichment volunteer).

  • Parents/caregivers and/or emergency contacts will be called if a student is not picked up within 15 minutes of the formal dismissal time.   The school, the PTO and program providers cannot assume responsibility for any child who is not picked up at the appointed time. 

  • Students are expected to follow the Fiske School Code of Conduct during class. Any child who demonstrates unacceptable behavior will be removed from the class, without a refund.