Mandarin Language & Culture Classes with LYCAL 

The classes are geared towards students whose primary language is English, offering an excellent opportunity to learn Chinese at an early age.   The progressive curriculum helps students acquire basic communication skills, as they learn how to speak and write Chinese.  Classes aim to keep learning fun.  Students gain listening and speaking skills through songs, role-playing, games, and other fun activities.  Basic Chinese characters are taught to build reading and writing skills.  Kids will be exposed to Chinese culture through visual materials, crafts, and traditional holiday celebrations.  All classes will be led by experienced Chinese language and culture teachers from LYCAL (Lexington Youth Center for Asian Learning).  Classes will be designed to be grade/age appropriate. 



Offered to students in Grades K - 2 and 3 - 5

Class size limits:  Minimum = 10 students;  Maximum = 20 students (per section)

Dates & Times:

o  Grades K - 2: 15 Tuesdays (Jan 13 – May 5;  no class on 2/17 or 4/21) from 3:30-4:30 pm

o  Grades 3 - 5: 15 Mondays (Jan 12 - May 11; no class on 1/19, 2/16 or 4/20) from 3:30-4:30


PTO subsided cost:  $188/student