Intro to Spanish with ABC Spanish in Motion     Grades:  K - 2 (14 student limit)

Dates & Times:  8 Wednesdays, 4/1 – 5/27 (no class 4/22)  3:30 - 4:30 pm

PTO subsidized cost:  $87

Through music, arts and crafts, story telling, and games, children are engaged and exposed to dynamic Latin American rhythms that cultivate and promote sensitivity, coordination and curiosity while having fun.  This class is focused on self-directed learning, phonics-language, reasoning skills, and working in pairs. Every child will receive a CD of the music utilized in class for continued practice outside of class.



Joy of Math with Einstein’s Workshop      Grades:  2 - 4   (12 student limit)

Dates & Times: 8 Wednesdays, 4/1–5/27 (no class 4/22).  3:30 - 4:15 pm

PTO subsidized cost:  $150

We all know the value of mathematics, but not many kids (or parents) think of math as fun & exciting.  This class aims to change that.   In partnership with Einstein’s Workshop, “Joy of Math” will expose students to the entertaining side of math throughout the solution of geometric puzzles, games and brain-teasers.   Kids' will develop greater comfort and proficiency with the key tenets of mathematics.   And have fun to boot!



Kids Cooking Green     Grades:  K - 2   (16 student limit)

Dates & Times:   5 Tuesdays, 3/31– 5/5 (no class 4/21).  3:30 - 4:30 pm

PTO subsidized cost:  $120

Kids Cooking Green is cooking again at Fiske.  Join us in our classroom kitchen and make some delicious after school treats.  On the menu... Brocc-Mac n Cheese, fresh fruit smoothies, honey granola, a visit with a farmer and “her girls” (i.e. her chickens) and more!    All recipes are nut free, vegetarian, and delicious.



KIDSTOCK! Pirates & Mermaids      Grades:  K - 1   (16 student limit)

Dates & Times:  8 Mondays, 3/30 – 6/1 (no class 4/20 or 5/25).  3:30 - 4:30 pm

PTO subsidized cost:  $87

This exciting introduction to the world of the stage & theater performance uses popular children’s books as the “script” for each week’s interactive “playdates”, culminating in a final performance for parents & friends.  Spring theme: Pirates and Mermaids.



KIDSTOCK! Hook, Line, and Tinker  Grades:  2 - 5   (16 student limit)

Dates & Times:   8 Wednesdays, 4/1– 5/27 (no class 4/22).  3:30 - 4:30 pm

PTO subsidized cost:  $87

This unique theater class offers young actors the chance to develop the basic skills of stage performance by working in “cast teams” on new drama challenges each week, leading up to the dramatic "PLAY OFF" presented by the students on the last class day.  Spring theme:  “Hook, Line, and Tinker.  An original story of Pirate and Mermaid Adventures.”



Lego Stop Motion Animation with Empow Studios     Grades:   3 - 5 (12 student limit)

Dates & Times:  8 Mondays, 4/6 – 6-8 (no class on 4/20 or 5/25).  3:30 - 4:30 pm

PTO subsidized cost:  $120

Make movies with LEGO® pieces! Create stories, chose your mini figs, and make movie magic! Our expert instructors work with students to develop story-telling skills, learn professional software, and capture the action of their LEGO movies. After filming, students work on the post-production process to add titles, transitions, sounds and make their movies complete! All final movies will be available for home viewing. Non-violence policy enforced.



Video Game Design with Empow Studios    Grades:  3 - 5 (12 student limit)

Dates & Times:  8 Tuesdays, 3/31 – 5/26 (no class on 4/21).  3:30 - 4:30 pm

PTO subsidized cost:  $120

REGISTER ONLINE STARTING MARCH 10 at 7:00 pm at fiskeschoolpto.org/fiske-programs

Kids have fun playing video games, but they have even more fun playing games they make themselves! Students will learn the fundamentals of object-oriented programming through video game design while creating their own game.   And while creating their games, they will be learning math, geometry, design, logic, and object-oriented programming.