Frequently Asked Questions for Science Fair

Q1:  Is there anything unacceptable to bring to or use in the science fair?

A1: There are a few things that are best left at home, such as:

  • Live animals (your pets, etc)
  • Food that students may want to eat (m&m’s, popcorn, bubble gum, etc)
  • Latex (some students have allergies)
  • We ask that you please don’t hurt any animals to create your science fair experiment

Q2:  Are they any acceptable food items that can be brought to the science fair?

A2: There are some acceptable food items (ones that students would not want to eat) such as:

  • Lemon batteries
  • Moldy cheese
  • Moldy bread
  • Soggy potatoes
  • Raw eggs
  • Popcorn kernels (not popped)

Q3:  What if my science fair experiment involves m&m’s or my pet dog?

A3: Your science fair project can include m&m’s, or your pet dog, or both.  Please don’t bring the m&m’s or your pet dog to the science fair.  Photos, videos, and charts showing results are all good methods to convey your project without bringing the m&m’s or dog to the fair itself.

Q4:  How much space will I have to display my project?

A4:  There will be limited space available, so each science project should fit within a 36" width.