LEGO Scratch Cat

LEGO Scratch Cat

Hi Scratchers at the 4th Grade Science Club !

Week 0 (Zero - before we start)

  • To get you started with Scratch, I like you to create a scratch account at the scratch website before the first session.
  • Please download this guide and follow it's direction to create an account, then
  • Record your account information using the form below in case your child forgets it in class.

Week 1 - All About Me

We were off to a great start ! Thanks to all the students working hard on the projects, and all the parent and high school helpers helping.

Pictures from Week 1

Scratch Website User Information

Student Name *
Student Name
Don't worry we keep this secret from everyone. We store it just in case your forget during class.


If you have any questions, please contact the Science Club coordinators at: