Friday, November 15    6:30 PM    Fiske Gym -    Tickets Available

Friday, November 15

6:30 PM

Fiske Gym - Tickets Available


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INSPIRE! Fiske PTO plays a vital role in supporting and enriching our students' academic curriculum and social development opportunities. Your contribution will help us provide programs and support in the areas of the PTO's Five Cs: 

Curriculum Enrichment, Classroom enrichment, Campus needs,  Community building, and Communications.

INVOLVE! The investment of your time in the classroom and on campus with the PTO is meaningful.   Our community events and activities work on parents' power - so please join us in volunteering your time to support your child's enrichment at Fiske.

INVEST! The cost of providing our programs is approximately $117 per child. Contributions of any amount are greatly appreciated. We encourage those who can to include an extra contribution to help sponsor the cost of additional students.

WHOO KNEW?      

$117 will be spent on each student this year by the Fiske PTO.  That's $68,000 on Classroom and School Resources, Community Events, and Curriculum Enrichment programs that improve every Fiske student's academic experience.

LPS Permissions Review and the Fiske PTO Directory

LPS is providing the student and family information to the nine Lexington schools. They will include only those families that do NOT opt out during the LPS Permissions review. Please access the Aspen system and use “Tasks”.

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The Town of Lexington and LPS have been working with Black Earth Compost for over a year.  The company services the compost from Fiske.  

Due to continuing enrollments, the price is $99.99 per year now and Lexington provides a free bin!  In addition, Black Earth will provide a $10 referral fee to Fiske School if you enter Fiske Elementary in the How Did You Hear? and Referral Name during the sign-up.  Visit Black Earth to enroll.