Fiske School PTO Meetings are generally at least once a month on Thursdays.  Meeting dates and times are subject to change as needed and will be noted below as such. PTO meetings during the 2021-2022 school year are presumed to be held via zoom (exception: 9/9/21) until LPS social gathering guidance changes.


The PTO Board meetings are open to all Fiske parents.


PTO Meeting Dates  - Thursdays


  • 9/9/21 (Evening, in-person mtg. Outdoors at Taylor Singh’s house @7pm)

  • 10/7/21(Daytime, 9:30am)

  • 11/4/21 (Evening, 7pm)

  • 12/2/21(Daytime, 9:30am)

  • 1/6/22 (Evening, 7pm)

  • 2/3/22 (Daytime, 9:30am)

  • 3/3/22 (Evening, 7pm)

  • 4/7/22 (Daytime, 9:30am)

  • 5/5/22 (Evening, 7pm)

  • 6/2/22 (Daytime, 9:30am)