Returning this spring…

WEDNESDAY MARCH 8 2023 (6:30 Pm - 7:45 PM)

Fiske Gymnasium

All Fiske Families and Friends are invited to attend the Science Fair! Please come to support our scientists as they present their projects. 

                                  Registration is now closed!!! Thanks all!!


Cu-WHOO-rious about science? All students in Grades 2-5 are invited to become Fiske scientists and take part in the 2023 school science fair!
The Fiske School PTO hosts the annual Science Fair where students enthusiastically share their creative scientific explorations! Let’s celebrate our young learners as they delve into the scientific method, present their findings – and maybe teach us adults something new!
After a 3-year hiatus, we are so excited to reintroduce this fabulous event. Our last one, back in 2019, had exhibits from 169 students -- let’s all get excited and try to beat that record!
Please encourage your Fiske student to be part of the 2023 FISKE SCIENCE FAIR, which will take place in the school gym on WEDNESDAY, March 8th.


The 2023 Science Fair is HerE

  • Registration is now closed!!
  • We are always looking for volunteers, especially for the day of the Fair!  If you’re interested (regardless of your personal scientific knowledge), please contact us at
  • Unsure of the scientific method, or a way to do a science fair project?  We have a worksheet for you to use, with examples!


• Science Fair Project Titles & Team Formal Enrollment – Thurs. Feb. 16th
Registered scientists will need to log their project, title and team members.


• Notes
* All science projects should be done at home, taking care to always be safe!
* All projects need to follow the scientific method!
* No animals should be harmed
* Please use a display to show your science project work, but keep it within a 36” width.
* For messy projects, those that involve pets, etc., you may consider filming your project & displaying it on a laptop/iPad alongside your poster at the science fair.
* Please do not bring food, live animals, dry ice or latex products to the science fair.



If you have any questions, please contact: