The Role of a Room Parent. 

As a Room Parent, you serve as a conduit, enhancing communication and collaboration between parents and teachers. Beyond organizing class parties and events, your role is instrumental in building a united classroom community.


The Impact of a Room Parent. 

Embracing the role of a Room Parent goes beyond coordination—it's about championing an enriched learning environment. By bridging the gap between educators and parents, you directly influence positive experiences, foster a tight-knit community, and amplify the educational journey for every child. It's a strategically important role with a chance to make a tangible difference.


Room Parent Coordinator.

Kristen Crockett, a dedicated parent in our community, oversees the committee's coordination. She's always happy to help, so don't hesitate to contact her with any questions. You can write to her on (add Committee email)


Understanding Your Teacher's Feedback. 

We have compiled feedback from teachers into a survey document that provides invaluable insights into their preferences, needs, and classroom dynamics. Before your first meeting with the teacher, please review this document. It will facilitate a more productive discussion and help you align your efforts with the teacher's expectations and needs. If you have not received the survey results for your corresponding teacher, please email the committee coordinator.


Room Parent Guidelines. 

Please find the guidelines HERE


Room Parent Orientation: Virtual 

Date, Time and Venue: TBD


Room Parents 2023-2024

K - Ms. Allard's Classroom Vanessa DelegasElissa Manfredi
K - Ms. Silva's Classroom Dana DunleavyMay Wong
K - Ms. Shanahan's Classroom Kristine CrockettOlivia Kelley
1 - Ms. Johnson's Classroom Daniela LangHongmei Xu
1 - Ms. Shew's Classroom Suzanne CoakleyDoug WarnerSarah Wolfson
1 - Ms. Wallace's Classroom Mary Payne
2 - Ms. Belletti's Classroom Rachel FrankenfieldLee ManningSarah Wolfson
2 - Ms. Gobiel's Classroom Kristine CrockettYimin ZhaoYan Zheng
2 - Ms. Owen's Classroom Pui Yee NgAisha Saeed
3 - Ms. Aufiero's Classroom Lee ManningVaidehi VenkatesanLi Zhang 
3 - Ms. Dinsmore's Classroom Tamar Der AvedisianOlivia KelleyRabiha Sami
3 - Mr. Halfond's Classroom Hafsah Syed
4 - Ms. Gavrin's Classroom  Suzanne CoakleyLaine FletcherEffie Katsoufis 
4 - Ms. Michael's Classroom  Lindsey DinkinsLaine Fletcher 
4 - Mr. Wilde's Classroom Charles Alexander 
5 - Ms. Eaton's Classroom  Olivia KelleyLauren WeeksLi Zhang 
5 - Ms. Kelly's Classroom  Erin HartelLee ManningNadine Tassabehji 
5 - Ms. Russell's Classroom  Tara Mathur
ILP - Ms. King's Classroom  Joana MendesVaidehi Venkatesan 
ILP - Ms. O'Connor's Classroom  Maria VanesaAthur Welvaarts
ILP - Ms. Pierrelouis Classroom  Sophia AronisVihangi Thakore 
ILP - Lisa Sullivan's Classroom Fay ChenMingyu (Mandy) Liu