Fiske Talent Show.jpg


Friday, May 11, 2018

6:00 pm sharp

Fiske Gymnasium





Thank you for your interest in participating in the Fiske Got talent Show that showcases Fiske's finest talent and lets the students be stars!

 - Participation in the show is open to all Fiske students in Grades K – 5.  

 - Students may perform solo or with a group.  

                                                               PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING RULES

1. Each Act is to be NO LONGER than 90 SECONDS

2. Each Act must be PREPARED IN ADVANCE

3. Each student can participate in ONLY one (1) Act

4. Each student MUST participate in at least one (1) rehearsal

5. PARENT VOLUNTEERING IS REQUIRED, if your student is to participate in the Talent Show


We look forward to a variety of performances such as singing, magic tricks, playing an instrument, stand-up comedy, gymnastics, short skits, celebrity impersonations, dancing, etc.   The Fiske Got Talent Show is sponsored by the Fiske PTO.  


  • Sing
  • Perform a Magic Trick
  • Play an Instrument
  • Make us Laugh with Stand Up Comedy
  • Act out a Short Skit
  • Perform Gymnastics
  • Dance
  • Show Emcee (Grade 5 students ONLY)


Grade 5 students interested in emceeing the show, should register when asked.  Four (4) lucky students’ names will be drawn.  Students selected for the emcee role can not perform in the show.  Selected emcees must be able to come to rehearsals as noted by Talent Show Chairs. 


Tuesday, April 24 3:30 - 4:30

Thursday, April 26 12:30 - 1:30

Monday, April 30 3:30 -4:30

Wednesday, May 2 3:30 - 4:30

Each student MUST participate in at least one (1) rehearsal.  For registered students, please sign-up for a rehearsal slot.  Please remember that each act must have their Information Form at their rehearsal.

Back up music – 90 second MP3 Clips

Many children perform with some musical accompaniment.  If that's the case for your child, we’re asking that all parents please create and forward a pre-cut .mp3 or .wav files, with the 90 second musical/sound clip to which your child will perform.   Instructions for how to do that are below.

  1. To clip your audio file down to 90 seconds, there are a number of free applications available.  It may depend on the format of the file that you are using to determine which application will work.

                a.  Audacity. The application can be downloaded here:  

                b. APowerSoft -

     2. Open your audio file, select the sound you want to keep, and  save it as a new audio file – we have found .WAV files work, since creating             an .MP3 file requires an additional download.  

     3. Save the file as your child's full name, grade and song title (e.g.avakeeneyG4shakeitoff.wav).  

     4. Please send ALL music files to Talent Show ( before your child's first rehearsal.