Lunch Periods from 11:15 am 1:45 pm

Fiske Cafeteria

We are seeking volunteers to join the team.  Volunteers can do just one day!   The Recycling program runs every Friday, with the help of Fiske staff and parent volunteers.  The team is always looking for new Fiske family members to join as they can. 

As we build the students' learning of the effort and welcome volunteers our goal is to increase the number of recycling days per week. 

Please join us!!


Cafeteria Composting

With support from the Lexington Public Schools’ Superintendent, Mr. Martellone, Fiske Principal, the Fiske Facilities team and the Town of Lexington, the Fiske PTO's Recycling began offering Lunchtime Composting to Fiske Students in 2016. 

The Recycling Team is on-site during student lunch periods to assist with Recycling and Composting.  Volunteers are stationed at the waste bins in order to teach students how to properly sort waste items into Trash, Recycling or Compost.  The Town of Lexington picks up of the compost weekly.  LPS has 6 schools with recycling / composting programs!  We are very proud of the support this terrific initiative has received!  Students, Teachers, Assisting Support Staff (Aids), and Parent Volunteers make this program a great success.

Team Contact

We have a wonderful team.  Our Recycling - Green Team Co-Chairs are:

  • Cynthia John

  • Sonali Doshi

Please feel free to contact them with questions on our Lunch progarm or other opportunities at



The Town of Lexington and LPS have been working with Black Earth Compost for over a year.  The company services the compost from Fiske.  

Due to continuing enrollments, the price is $99.99 per year now and Lexington provides a free bin!  In addition, Black Earth will provide a $10 referral fee to Fiske School if you enter Fiske Elementary in the How Did You Hear? and Referral Name during the sign-up.  Visit Black Earth to enroll.

BayState Textiles Drop-Off Boxes

Lexington Public Schools entered into a program with BayState Textiles.  There are white BayState Textiles donation boxes at all nine LPS schools.  The boxes are available to the community to assist with removing unwanted, used textiles from homes but not send them into the trash stream.  This solution has may benefits that support not only our community, the environment but our schools!  BayState services the boxes weekly, weighing the items provided.  A monthly rebate check is sent to LPS based on the weight of donation. 

  • What goes in the box?

Bay State Textiles accepts clothing, shoes, pocketbooks, household linens and stuffed animals in ANY condition as long as they are not wet or contaminated with hazardous material. Visit for a list of acceptable items. ****Items NOT Accepted: Mattresses, Couch Cushions, Lawn Furniture Cushions, Foam Products (mattress pads, etc.), Carpet Remnants, and Rugs (larger than 2' x 4')   For the safety and convenience of the drivers please bag your items and tie the bags!!!

  • What happens to the items in the box?

Collecting unwanted clothing, shoes and linens, creates economic opportunity all over the world.  Bay State Textiles employs Massachusetts residents, contracts with local vendors for supplies and exports the material throughout the global market. As the material is shipped to graders, the usable items are resold creating jobs and economic benefit for those wanting to purchase inexpensive quality clothing.  Additional jobs are created in the wiping cloth and fiber conversion industry.  Please refer to SMART for additional information on the benefits of textile recycling.    The good is NOT shredded!!!

  • How does our school benefit?

Bay State Textiles services the box weekly, weighing the items.  Bay State Textiles sends a rebate check monthly based on the weight of donation.  This is a "Feel Good" program to support our school community with your unwanted textiles. Tell your friends, neighbors, relatives, coworkers, etc. when cleaning out their closets, re decorating or updating their household linens, to support our school community.  The convenience of the box is that it is available 24/7, 365 days a year.